Sholem Aleichem!

     My name is Michael Marionneaux, I am a student at UT Austin who attended the recent Jewish Folklore Symposium.  Firstly, Mazel Tov on such a great event!  Second, I met some of you there who wanted to see these videos, and also I know there were some who couldn't attend at all.  So I put these here for you.  All I ask is that if you could, please share the link with your friends or others who might want to see, and that you leave a comment below the videos in the guest book.  Feel free to talk about anything, or ask a question.  Or maybe congratulate a speaker on a good job!

     I apologize for the poor quality, but I did not have an assistant that day so some lectures got cut short or missed.  Click {here} for the full schedule, with detailed speaker info.

Index is below:

Part 1 of 9: 'Jewish Folklore East and West: Eighty Years Later' by Dan Ben-Amos 

Part 2 of 9: 'Don't Knock Me a Tea Kettle: Why Yiddish Isn't German' by Michael Wex 

Part 3 of 9: 'Solomon and Ashmedai: From Jewish Antiquity to Medieval Christian Necromancy' by Jason Roberts

Part 4 of 9: "It's Heimish": Cooking, Eating, Remembering Good Jewish Food' by Jillian Gould.  And 'Holocaust War Games: Playing with Genocid' by Suzanne K. Seriff 

Part 5 of 9: Not yet uploaded

Part 6 of 9: Not yet uploaded

Part 7 of 9: Not yet uploaded

Part 8 of 9: Not yet uploaded

Part 9 of 9: Not yet uploaded

(part 1 of 9)

(part 2 of 9)

(part 3 of 9)

(part 4 of 9)


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